10 Mind-Blowing Casino Secrets You Never Knew
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10 Mind-Blowing Casino Secrets You Never Knew

Forget the regular and general casino secrets you probably know about like no clocks or windows at the casino to make you lose track of time, this article brings you the really good stuff out there.

Over the years, many people and gamblers have shared their own casino secrets and experiences from live casinos, and the stories can be really mind-blowing.

So, here are 10 mind-blowing casino secrets you never knew.
#10. All The Slots Are Written in The Same Musical Key:
If you ever wondered why there is no noise or an unpleasant mix of sound at the casino with all the different slot machines working together in the room, it’s because they are all written in C Major. This means that although each slot machine is playing its own music, jingles, and even bells, the notes do not clash, and the players keep playing in a good mood and for a longer period of time.

#9. Faster Dealers Are Working at Night:
If you want to play longer, play during the afternoon because at night, you’ll probably lose your money faster. During the night session, casinos will swap in faster dealers in order to push more bets per hour, and that’s in order to close out tables. Believe it or not, but some Blackjack dealers will deal up to 50 hands per hour, which will have you wager more during that time and make decisions faster and under pressure, meaning you’ll probably lose more and lose faster. So, consider playing during the afternoon when it’s quieter and calmer.

#8. Haunted Casinos:
There have been reports over the internet about players dying at the casino. Some died at the slots, others at the table games, most were old, but some were young as well. Some players even tried to steal the chips before the paramedics arrived. So, there is always a good chance that someone died in the same place you’re playing now, or even at that very seat of yours. Are you feeling lucky now? Are you superstitious? How about asking for help from the spirits of the dead still roaming those casinos, still looking and waiting for their wins? Chances are the casinos are not haunted, but know that people have died in the casinos, so anything is possible.

#7. The House Wins Way More Than You Think:
An armored courier used to pick up cash from the Riverboat casino in Northern Illinois on the way to deposit the money at the casino’s bank. He said that during all this time, back and forth, he never left the casino with less than $500K. At times, they would even pick up $1-$2 million onto their truck to be deposited at the bank. This amount is pure profit, money that is above operational cost that was not needed to be in the casino, so better ship and deposit it at the bank. So, a small suburban casino can easily earn and profit $1 million or more per week, and that’s after various operation expanses. Way more than you would have thought.

#6. The Smoking Ban Cost Casinos Millions of Dollars:
It seems that a lot of gamblers enjoy smoking, maybe it’s the pressure to win, maybe just a habit or an addiction. However, at one point, smoking was banned in most casinos and as a result, casinos suffered huge losses, millions per quarter. Somehow, we have a feeling they got all those millions back from the players at the tables and the slots, no need to cry for them.

#5. Real Chips Can Be Used as Crayons:
Counterfeiting chips are extremely hard. It seems that cashiers can use real chips just like crayons and even draw pictures when they are bored.

#4. Casinos Receive Boxes of Pre-Shuffled Cards:
Lucky deck of cards at the casino? No such thing! New decks of cards are cycled into machines a few times per shift. As a matter of fact, you will not see any dealer opening up packs of new playing cards. That is because the casinos receive special boxes containing 6 decks of pre-shuffled cards in them, and the reason for it is to speed up play.

#3. The Blackjack Dealer Does Not Know His Hand:
When the dealer at the table checks to see if he has a Blackjack, he doesn’t really check his card. He puts the card into a peeker, with a different rotation depending on if he is checking for an Ace or a 10-value card. If the dealer does not have a Blackjack, he only sees white. So there is no tell of the hand’s value. It could be 20 or 15 or any other hand. Don’t try to look for a tell, because there is no telling to read if the dealer himself does not know his own hand.

#2. People Who Don’t Stop Even for a Bathroom Break:
The internet is full of such stories, people who don’t stop playing even for a bathroom break. These people will be so into the game, so committed, and don’t want to miss that lucky win, that huge prize or jackpot. For that, they will wear adult diapers in order to keep betting, playing, and won’t have to stop and leave for the bathroom. Think that’s gross? Some don’t even wear diapers, so next time you sit in front of a slot or on a chair at the tables, look to see that there are no puddles or piles.

#1. If You Win More Than $15,000, The Casino Will Watch You:
As a matter of fact, the casinos are always watching you. It’s only when you reach a certain level, is when they really start paying attention to you. According to a casino surveillance technician, that level is a player who wins $15K per sit-down in Blackjack. If that happens, be sure the casino will pay even closer attention to you and your play.

So these are the top 10 casino secrets you must be knowing.