5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes Beginners Make
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5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

Five common fat loss mistakes mistakes or myths that I see beginners making that are actually holding them back from reaching their goals.

So let’s get into:

5 of the most common fat loss mistakes or myths that I see beginners making:
1. Spot reducing:
What I mean by spot reducing is a lot of beginners and especially women think that they can workout a certain body part and they will lose fat from that area which isn’t necessarily the case. So for example, I see a lot of people and I even did so many ab exercises because I wanted abs and that’s not how it works. Doing a million crunches is not going to take the fat or tighten up your core. Yes it will give you a stronger core, but it’s not going to just eliminate fat just from that area. Unfortunately our bodies have a pre-disposed plan of where they’re going to take the fat from. We don’t get to choose. So some people will lose fat evenly all over.

Some people might lose it off of their upper body before their lower body. It totally depends what your body wants to do. Body is in control and as much as it sucks. It is what it is so doing ab exercises to get abs or doing a bunch of bicep curls to lose fat off your arms isn’t the most effective or efficient because they don’t really burn a lot of calories. So in order to shed fat and see your muscle you have to be burning enough calories to shed the fat. You definitely want to focus on more compound movements that are full body like squats or dead-lifts or exercises that keep your heart rate up. And definitely by implementing a little bit of cardio. So that you are burning enough calories to shed your fat to reveal your muscle.

Weight training is amazing and it’s great and you definitely should be doing bicep curls and abs exercises because you do want a strong core and you want to build muscle. But that’s what those exercises do. They build the muscle so that when you do shed the fat you have the muscle there, so that you are looking tight and achieving that toned look that every woman seems to want.

2. Exercising way too much for fat loss:
To out train the bad diet that is nearly impossible to do you have to be exercising quite a bit. If you are in taking way too many calories for your body to lose fat or lose weight it’s definitely way easier to just clean up your diet than it is to exercise to burn the calories. In order to lose a pound you have to be burning 3500 calories and that is a very long run for hours of weight training. I know that when i first started working out all that I did was run run run run run and then I would come home and eat a peanut butter and jelly and chips and I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing progress.

It was definitely because my nutrition wasn’t in check and I wasn’t eating the right proportions for my body. I was more hungry because I was working out. So I would eat more and then instead of creating a deficit with my exercise and my food, I was just eating more and exercising more. It was balancing out like this. So definitely exercise is only like 20 percent of the equation. It’s very important and you should do it for many other reasons than just to lose weight. But if that is your main goal you definitely want to focus more on your diet and what you are eating and the amounts you are intaking rather than how much time you are spending working out.

3. Cutting out major food groups:
What I’ve noticed that, the most sustainable is not cutting out carbs or major food groups that our bodies need. Especially if you are exercising or if you are weight training carbs are definitely beneficial for you. When you’re trying to build muscle and just have energy to complete your workouts. If you are going to try keto diet or a diet that is very low on carbs just be mindful. Make sure that that’s something that you can stick to for the long haul. Because I’m not saying the second you start eating carbs you’re going to gain all your weight back. But that is something that could happen if you’re not careful.

So you definitely want something that you can stick to so that you can avoids lipping back into old habits. I find the most results from following a balanced meal plan. So I eat carbs fats and proteins and I just mess with my portions and figure out the amounts that I should be eating for my body and to achieve my goals. You don’t have to track them to a tea but I think it’s good that you do figure out the amounts that that you need to be eating. With this you just live a more balanced approach to your life.

4. Not lifting weights in fear of getting bulky:
When I first started working out I would just run and run and run and run and I am not a huge fan of running. I’m definitely trying to get back into running because something about running is very like therapeutic more so than weights. But workouts that I can do daily every single day and that I actually love is definitely weight training. At first when I started weight training I wouldn’t necessarily grab heavy weights because that’s what scared me is that I would get super bulky. So I’d be over there curling my 5 pound dumbbells which is fine and it didn’t tire me out.

So in order to see progress you have to challenge yourself. You need to pick heavy weights to grow the muscle you are not going to get bulky. People don’t just get bulky on accident or get big muscles on accident. It’s definitely something that you have to put a lot of effort and training into. So if you are not trying to get really big muscles you are not going to get really big muscles.

Especially as a woman it’s very hard for us to build muscle the way that men. Lifting weights will not make you bulky they will not make you appear like a man lifting weights. It actually gives you that toned look. I say toned because tone isn’t really a word it’s kind of click-baity. What toned actually is when you have a low body fat and you have muscle that’s what creates that toned look. So cardio and classes that don’t necessarily revolve around resistance training. Those aren’t going to be the most beneficial in looking toned because you’re not really building muscle. So if you want that tone tight look you definitely want to have a combination of weight training lifting heavy and cardio.

5. Relying solely on cardio for fat loss:
So as I already mentioned this in my previous tip but cardio alone will probably won’t produce the results that you’re looking for. If your goal is to be tight and toned. The best way I feel is that cardio is going to give you a look that is exactly like your body now. If you’re doing weight training it’s definitely going to shape your body and tighten you up to have a more tight toned and lean look which is what I feel like most women want. Rather than having their exact same body just smaller also going off of that cardio is very tiring. You can’t recover from it as quickly as you can weight training.

Whenever I run I notice the next day like my hip flexors are sore, my legs are so sore for like two to three days after a run. That was maybe only like three miles if i did that every single day it honestly would not be able to keep it up or stick with it because I get sore so quickly and I can’t recover. But with weight training I do get sore but not nearly as much as I do with running. I’m able to recover and do it every single day and it is much more sustainable.

I’m not saying to completely cut out cardio or to not do cardio because it’s definitely important if your goal is to lose fat. But it shouldn’t be the main part of the equation. It should just be a tool that you sprinkle into help aid your results. And don’t get me wrong if your goal is just to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Cardio is great for your heart. It has many other benefits than just contributing to your appearance. This is just a common fat loss mistakes that I see beginners making when their goal is to tone up and lose body fat.

Alright so those were my top five common fat loss mistakes that I see beginners making and they’re all ones that I made too.