6 strategies to improve concentration and study hacks
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6 strategies to improve concentration and study hacks

Scientific study shows that the mind of most students starts wondering about seven heavens when they sit to study, meaning that they easily get distracted. They cannot complete their work in time and they cannot retain whatever they learn for a longer period. In today’s article, I’m going to share 6 proven strategies that are effective to improve concentration. If you act on these strategies then you will be able to improve concentration and the material you wish to retain for a longer time in your brain, you would be able to do so.

Tips to improve concentration and study hacks:
1. Prepare yourself for study both mentally and physically
How to prepare ourselves to study both physically and mentally? For example, if you are really tired and your friend calls you and asks you to come along to play a cricket match. Will you accompany him? Certainly not. The same is the case for the study if your energy levels physically and mentally are low. You would never be able to focus on your study. So select such a study time when your energy levels are high physically and mentally. When your energy levels are high physically and mentally, you are able to concentrate in study effectively. Because always keep in mind that studying is an energy-consuming task. The more energy you will have, the more effectively you can study.

The second mistake students usually do is that they study for longer hours. Here you can logically see that the more continuous time you are going to study, the more your brain has to process and save. The reaction is that you easily forget what you learned. Scientists recommend that you should study in 30 minutes interval and then take a short 5-minute break. This 5-minute break will refill your energy level and thus you will easily retain what you had and are going to learn.

2. Change the setting where you are studying
A scientific study shows that a study place that is clean, tidy, and noise-free helps you to focus and memorize easily as compared to a study place that is dirty, messed up, and noisy where you won’t be able to focus. So choose a place where you can study with peace of mind and easily focus. Also, ensure proper lighting in your study place. Scientists do not recommend that you study in a low light environment. Because the more light eyes can get the better they are able to read. The more your eyes get tired, your body also gets tired and causes mental fatigue. Because you need eyes to study and if your eyes are not properly acting you won’t be able to study.

3. Set time sensitive goal
For example, if you are studying after a week and you have only 1 hour to study. This means that you are trying to complete one week’s work in 1 hour which is logically not possible. So, set a goal that can be achieved in a proper time. Because the setting of a goal and its achievement has an impact on our mind and body. Scientific study shows that if you had set a goal and you’re not able to achieve it, your mind becomes unhappy and your performance is negatively affected. So whatever time you select for study, try to set a time-sensitive goal so that you can achieve it. Because the moment you achieve your goal, your mind becomes happy and your performance is positively affected.

4. Turn off the electronics
All the electronics T.V, internet, and the most distracting smartphone. Because on a smartphone we have social media on which we have joined hundreds of groups that pop up notifications every second. So if you have a smartphone in front of you and a notification pop-ups every second diverting your attention towards it and your hand automatically reaches it hence you’re easily distracted. Because nowadays most of our life is spent with a smartphone. As soon as the bell rings, our hands unintentionally go for the smartphone. So if you turn off your smartphone for one hour, it is not a big deal. You will be able to study easily and achieve excellent performance and grades. So turn off all the electronics.

5. Organize your learning
Everybody knows that not all topics in a subject have equal weightage. Some topics are much important and some are general. Discuss with your teacher the paper pattern, important topics, which topic is worth more time, and how the teacher is going to grade it. When you will have this information, you can easily decide what topics, subjects, or chapters need more time. And what are their exam weightage and worth? So, you won’t have to work hard on all topics but only on those that have more worth in exams.

The second tip here is that start studying as early as possible. There is a trend among students that they start studying when its time for final exams. Which means minimum time and maximum syllabus to cover. If you study daily or you dedicate a weekly time for every subject and prepare important topics then at the end of the session you won’t have to cover much. You will be able to effectively prepare and revise for exams and your exams would excellent.

6. Always keep a piece of paper with you in class and while studying individually.
This is an observation that while teaching in class the teacher always presents useful tips about how to score and attempt a topic or subject and what is its weightage. Take note of these tips. And when you are studying individually most of the time it happens that you struck on an idea that helps you solve a particular set of problems in an upcoming study session.

Final thoughts
So these were those six strategies that had been recommended by the scientific community, because of these my grades had been outstanding. So here I recommend you that whatever time you select to study, first of all, plan what you are going to study and how much? Secondly, do turn off all the electronics this will help you super focus. Third, make good notes. This doesn’t mean that you start coloring your notes, do drawings in them, or start calligraphy in them. Your notes must include such quality content in them that if you even read them once the whole topics get revised and your mind retains it as well as improve concentration.