9 Best chatbots for WordPress for Business
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9 Best chatbots for WordPress for Business

The popularity of chatbots is increasing day by day and you can easily spot chatbots on many websites including the e-commerce ones. So that brings us down to the question which are the best ones to use? The answer is that it all depends on how you intend to use your chatbots. To help you decide the article brings you the list of the best chatbots for WordPress to increase your business presence online and get more leads for your business.

9 Best ChatBots for your Business:
1. Collect chat:
It is a very simple and effective chatbot building tool you may use for your WordPress website. It is very easy to install and it would take approximately three minutes to build. So the number of the con for collect chat is only one that your data of the leads would be there in the collect chat dashboard for the maximum of 30 days after the date of receiving that lead you can overcome this limitation by buying a premium.

2 Mobile monkey:
Now, this is a tool which is which gets social as well as you can generate leads from Facebook. Using this chatbot that the product gets expensive as your usage increases over time.

3. Tars chatbot:
You might become a fan of these ones as it’s actually pretty cool to use again. A drawback here is that it becomes very expensive over time and has classic UI. Unlike collect chat which is quite modern with its user experience.

4. Bot penguin:
Number four on the list is a mega bundle for chatbot building functionalities and carries pretty impressive features as well but here’s what the drawback about it is its data is again retained for a period of 30 days. In this tool as well just like a collect chat and offers a classic user interface to its users.

5. IBM Watson:
IBMWatson, it is like a superhero chatbot tool and allows you to do almost anything you talk about AI NLP or machine learning. Here’s all you could demand just like everything. Even this tool has a few drawbacks API for this that bot is quite complicated and prior technical knowledge is required to get your hands around this one and even after that, a few simple edits can really become annoying.

6. Virtual spirits:
This one is a pretty basic chart or builder but it’s preferred by many WordPress users due to to its simple and easy to go nature. But its support is not good, as emails at times are responded in periods of weeks and if something urgent comes up in your business, you won’t be able to take it up right away. And apart from that, the product has a classic UI UX which is again a dropper.

7. GoBot:
Another chat board buildup which is good for making chatbots. Gobot is a great chatbot building tool – but has failed to adapt to the growing market. The cons include no pre-made templates to choose from no integration with third-party services and a very old classic UI.

8. WP bar:
This is a plug-in based chatbot maker. It doesn’t have any pre-made templates and again cannot be integrated with third-party services but you can work with advanced tech like NLP in this. It does have a premium that unlocks a few more extra features like dialog flow with rich messages and card responses, etc.

9. Woow bot:
Woow bot is of WordPress plugin based chatbot maker which couple up with woocommerce. It requires zero configuration and works independently without any third-party integration. It is good for a small business using woocommerce on their site but not for someone running huge inventory.

Lastly. I hope this article is helpful for you and provide some insights into the industry on which Chatbot to use for your business.