Beauty and the bloke: Why more men are wearing makeup?
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Beauty and the bloke: Why more men are wearing makeup?

Beauty and the bloke: Why more men are wearing makeup?
Men and makeup! The world is moving forward with so many revolutionary changes and modification in the art, fashion, and media sectors. People are coming up with new things, and focusing on lifestyle has been recorded as the maximum approach. People are into taking care of themselves in every aspect; it is either health, skincare, or taking care of their apparel. Besides, skincare and cosmetics do not specifically stick to one gender; nowadays every gender is wearing cosmetics, yes, even our men’s fellow being is keen to use makeup and try to manage a versatile look from it.

Who does not want a statement look to carry and somewhere, someone is a style statement for the others. It is all about glamming up, and in this fast-forward world, everyone wants to be a part of this hypothetical world and tries to get their hands on the latest trends. In the world of glamour, why should men stay at the back? They are the part of this race. Let us motivate our men, fellows, to glam up their life. Little makeup will not ruin or lower their masculinity; pushing the world beyond boundaries.

The previous conception of makeup and men:
What makeup and man, do you have out of your mind? This was the classic statement to be made by people. Back in the century, to think about men; grooming was nothing more than a hair shampoo for men, shower gel, and maybe a lotion. These were used by the elite class or the ones who were modern enough. The concept of beauty for men was constraints to these borders and else than these were considered out of the box or unethical. The word makeup was not included in the wordlist of men, and I was not less than a sin to talk about makeup for men. However, with the gradual change in society, it has become easy to link makeup with men.

Previously when the first brand for men’s beauty was launched, and it was known as MMUK, this brand faced severe criticism as it was considered the mark of embarrassment on the masculinity and whole society was triggered at this company. However, for those who wanted to look good and found having confidence while walking in the community tends to purchase them. However, such brands have reported that customers while placing order end to change their names and they strictly guide the producers that while packaging uses a white wrapping without any labels marking them as a makeup product.

The present conception of makeup and men:
Not more than a year or two, the concept of makeup for man was long gone. No one tends to admit it that men could do makeup as well. The consideration of this aspect was not acceptable by society. By the revolutionary part, it becomes more normal that modernization can change several dilemmas of society. Makeup was used to beautify and to enhance the beauty of women. But with the advancement of the glamour world, we have seen people normalizing makeup for man.

However, the euro meter predicts that the men’s beauty and grooming market has been recorded to have done business worth of forty-nine billion pounds this year, which is a heap of what it was recorded in 2015. The industry, which was surpassed years ago and was subjected to humour, is now making a place for them in the market. The men’s beauty has always been subjected because the word makeup is synchronized with a deep tendency and is always considered feminine. Therefore, men have always avoided being indulged in this phenomenon, as the society perceives it as a womanly thing.

Moreover, researches have shown that more men are convinced to use makeup and have added it in their daily life. They think that makeup shows them better. They tend to feel more confident while being and acting in society. It gives a subtle look in their appeal. It is seen that it gives them a sense of self-actualization.

Role of Social Media:
Well, social media has always been a game-changer, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, e-magazines, blogs you name it. Day-by-day, these social media hubs have done incredible work in promoting the little things and are on top of normalizing new trends. What was the need of the time is indeed fulfilled by social media? Social media encouraged men that why cannot men wear makeup, they can, and they surely do this. Gradually, it was seen that men were using makeup not pretty much but they were somehow wearing little concealers, eyebrow gel, massacre, etc. As it included grace in their profiles and people who are too active on social media do follow these trends. They wanted to make a name for themselves and somehow maintain a certain standard. Digitalization is all that has brought the revolution in the time.

It is a food for thought that why such a revolution could not be set apart and why the phenomenon of word makeup is confined to the female gender. Society must appreciate these aspects and let men shine too. It is one own choice but still what a little change can do to you. There are many angles to see a complete picture of a certain issue. Nevertheless, women can help in normalizing makeup for men in the way that they do not discriminate against those men who wear makeup as like you; every person of every gender deserves to look good. Being judgmental would not benefit society.

However, in greater aspect, it has been seen that men who like to purchase cosmetics for themselves are satisfied with it. Still, they want it to be subtle and natural-looking that it is equal to undetectable. So no one could know that whether a person is wearing makeup or not, again society’s constraints remain the same. However, men should be encouraged, as everybody deserves to look the best version of him or herself. Let us make the men shine too.