Best practices on how to build a digital community
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Best practices on how to build a digital community

Best practices on how to build a digital community
A community is not just a nice-to-have, it’s essential if you want to grow your brand in a steady and lucrative way. A community will increase your Customer Lifetime Value: your customers will spend more with you if they feel they are part of something bigger. It will help you determine what kinds of products to create. It will help you transform by-standers into loyal customers, because they’ll want to be a part of the hype Members of a community are much more loyal than simple customers. They’ll stay with you even if new competitors come along. But transforming existing clients and social media followers into an engaged digital community, which appreciates you and takes time out of its busy day to talk to you is a job in itself. Growing and maintaining it too. Let’s see how to do it.

You need to understand who your audience is:
You need to understand what your company singularity is. That’s the foundation on which you will build your audience, as the whole viability and future of your audience is dependent on this “personality” match. The deeper your understanding of your audience, of their likings and unlikings, of their opinions, knowledge and affiliation. The more ammunition you’ll have to attract them and build a relationship with them.

Here is how to build your digital community:
1. Define your brand’s personality:
Define who you are, what you stand for and why you exist. Understand your audience, so you can find common interest to talk about. Don’t talk always about yourself. You’re not the hero, your audience is. People are most interested in themselves, so put them as the center of your content by talking about your customers and what you are doing to make their lives better.

2. Be personal:
Be someone your audience would like to have a relationship with. Jacquemus is a good example, he shares part of his life on social media, and his audience likes him as a creator and as a person. Remember, you don’t want to be friends with someone who always talks about themselves, and neither does your audience.

Growing a digital community can be a difficult task, so difficult in fact that some brands try to cheat their way into a big community by buying social media followers, which is never a good idea: bought followers are not part of your community. They’re just people who have been paid to follow you, or, worse, robots. What use is a community of people who don’t care about you and never buy? No use at all.

3. What are the different ways to grow an audience?
Here are some of them: –

Do a collaboration or a contest with a brand or business which has the customers you want, talk and interact with your community on social media.
Ask questions, be personal, share parts of your brand’s life. Respond to every comment you see. People will love you for it.
Always join the conversation when people talk about you.
Make them understand that they’re part of a community by thanking them and by showing them how thankful you are with special editions of your products.
So, now you have a community. It’s time to transform it into something bigger. A movement, that rallies around one or more worthwhile goals. Create content that takes positions on issues that are important to you and to your community. Dove, the soap brand is a good example for this, with its battle for a positive body image; – show what you do to change things and bring interaction to a new level. Take questions, do Facebook lives, Instagram live also, when a piece of content takes off. Do not hesitate to use it as an ad.

All and all, the key for creating and maintaining an engaged community is the same than for all other relationships in our daily lives. Ask questions and be genuine in the interests. Don’t talk too much about yourself, use empathy and discuss subjects that are important to you and to your friends.