Blogging ideas for new Bloggers to avoid making mistakes
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Blogging ideas for new Bloggers to avoid making mistakes

Blogging ideas for new Bloggers
Blogging ideas for new Bloggers to avoid making mistakes
Here we’re going to be talking about the Blogging ideas and mistakes new bloggers make and my five tips on how to avoid. Let’s get into my 5 blogging ideas mistakes that are so common among new bloggers and how to avoid them.

1. Being a Perfectionist:
The first blogging mistake is being a Perfectionist now this kills bloggers before they even start a blog Literally they want to make sure that they got the right hosting company. They want to make sure they pick the right theme, they want to make sure their blog is designed perfectly like this stuff will kill a person before they even start their blog and they end up never starting. Because they get stuck in having to have things perfect.

You need to get content out there get it Circulating around the internet so that eyeballs can start seeing it and I promise as long as you provide value to your readers they don’t care about things like what hosting company you have or what theme you picked or even what your blog really looks like if you’re providing them good valuable content they’re going to read it. They’re gonna subscribe to your email list, click your affiliate products, do all those things that you’re trying to get so perfect. So do not get stuck into being a Perfectionist – right off the bat because I promise it kills 99% of bloggers before they even can consider themselves bloggers.

2. Impatience and just having unrealistic Expectations in your mind:
Maybe you think blogging is a quick way to make money or a quick way to get rich, quick type of thing and it’s not. It’s definitely not it takes time and persistence and just putting in the work every single day. But when you go into it with a type of Impatience, you know, you’re gonna be making a huge mistake. That’s just not realistic and it’s setting people up for one unrealistic Expectations and two for them to already have an impatience type of mentality in their mind When things aren’t happening really fast So get in there put in the work every single day and over time things are gonna stack you’re gonna start seeing results If things are gonna start happening, but go into it knowing like give yourself time.

Give yourself a good year of blogging Especially if you’ve never done any of this stuff online before. Give yourself a good year two years to get in there and put it in the work. I promise you during that time you’ll start to see results and it’ll get you more motivated and you’ll understand that it just takes a lot of that bats right you swing the bat.

You check out a couple times you make some big mistakes and you learn and you adapt and then you grow and then you hit singles and doubles and eventually you’ll hit a home run things will work and things will work out really well for you so don’t fall into the mistake of having an impatient mentality or any type of unrealistic Expectations and I promise you will do well so you get your domain you get hosting you’re ready to get your blog up.

3. Form over function
The design of your blog does not matter, especially in the beginning. The design doesn’t matter as much as the content that you’re putting out. So in the beginning when you’re just starting you need to be putting out valuable content for your readers. Yes, put a theme up, but make it good enough a free themes. Get your valuable content out there for people to see to start engaging with. Because that’s gonna be the longevity of your blog is your content. I Don’t look at what the what the blog looks like Really, I want to see do they have valuable content.

You need to be able to have a blog that’s giving your audience what they want Which is really good content, then you can work on things like your theme. Designing it the way that you want making it. Look the way that you want, But first you really need to be focusing on putting out really good content. Get the function of everything out there first and worried about how everything looks the design. So remember it’s not form over function its function over form.

4. Not focusing on an audience:
Lifestyle blogging is great, But it kills so many people because

Your lifestyle is really not that interesting
You’re not focusing on a specific audience
Who is your audience are you talking about? You know some type of exercise for moms. That’s an audience talking about food and then talking about your trip to Italy unless It’s a food blog and those tie-in somehow they don’t belong together. You really need to be focusing on a specific audience and how you can help them. I really recommend you to go niche and then you go abroad you can eventually grow to a point where you are talking about multiple things. But in the beginning go niche because it’s gonna be so much easier to understand who you’re talking to.

Start building an email list and giving people valuable content around that But when you start broad, it’s really difficult to understand engage, What your audience wants? Because you’ve got multiple different types of people coming in and digesting your content, really go niche and serve an audience. So many people don’t have an audience that they’re serving or they don’t even know who their audience Really is. Because they’re blogging about makeup and then they’re blogging about food and then another blogging ideas about travel. Stick to one thing in the beginning If you do that, then you will not run into this blogging mistake and be spinning your wheels. So start small and then get bigger focus on an audience

5. Having valueless content:
There’s a lot of people who are blogging out there and not giving people value. The quickest way to grow your blog and actually start making money is giving people value that they’re looking for.When you don’t provide value, they don’t care. When I’m looking online for things whether it’s blogging ideas or how to start a YouTube channel or whatever it is I’m looking for some type of value. I’m looking for people to help me make my life better in some way so if you’re blogging.

It really comes down to is Having valuable content and valuable content are things like how-to posts, showing people tutorials, giving people product reviews. This is stuff people are looking for and not only is it gonna help them, But in turn it’s gonna help you because you’re gonna be able to monetize your blog through affiliate products. You’re gonna be able to help your honor your audience through Sponsored posts helping them.

Find products that are gonna benefit them it’s gonna help when you put ads because those ads are gonna be relevant to What you’re blogging about which people are already in a state of you helping them, so remember not to give Valueless content. Create content that your audience is actively looking for that is gonna help them in their life. Your blog will grow and Build and you’ll be able to make money off of.

So these are the 5 most common Blogging mistakes which new Bloggers usually make and I recommend you to please follow these Blogging ideas when start you own Blog.