Live Blackjack – Which is the best casino to play Live Blackjack
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Live Blackjack – Which is the best casino to play Live Blackjack

So, you’re looking to play live Blackjack from the comfort of your home and want to know what’s the best casino for it? Let’s start with the short answer and then elaborate: 888 Casino is the best casino to play live Blackjack at. Now that you know which is the best casino for your live Blackjack play, let’s try and understand

Why 888 Casino is considered the best when it comes to Live Blackjack?
888 Casino is probably the best and most favorable casino operator in the UK. They feature many games for the players, constantly update themselves and with that feature some of the best live dealer games in the online casino business, that of course includes live Blackjack.

Benefits of playing Blackjack on 888 Casino:
1. Great Bonuses and no deposit:
888 Casino offers great bonuses, with the best perhaps being the no deposit bonus which allows you to sign up and play for free, with a chance to win real money before deciding to deposit and win really large amounts. 888 Casino offers its players more than 30 available tables and great betting limits which makes it the best casino for live play, live dealers, and Live Blackjack.

2. Fully licensed by the UK gambling commission:
Playing at 888 is very safe and secure, so you have nothing to worry about before deciding to play live Blackjack or depositing money there. There are other online casinos out there that offer more game options than 888 Casino, but 888 Casino features software by some of the leading developers in the industry.

3. Best Live dealer games:
888 Casino offers its players games like Blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, and more. But, when it comes to Live dealer games, 888 Casino has no competitors. The live dealer games at 888 Casino are developed by Evolution Gaming, which is the leading company in the business. Among the live dealer games at 888 Casino are live roulette games, live poker games (Texas Hold’em), live three card poker games, live baccarat games, and of course, live Blackjack games.

4. Blackjack: Most played game at the casinos
Blackjack is probably the most played game at the casinos, both live and online, and it’s no different when it comes to 888 Casino. Live Blackjack is the most played game from all other live games at 888 Casino, which offers more live tables than any other online casino today. You will find more than 30 live Blackjack tables which are operated by professional dealers and varying table limits to your choosing. Whether you’re a beginner or wishes to play for large amounts, the Live Blackjack tables at 888 Casino offer different table limits, so every player can find a table that suits him and his bankroll. You can play at tables with limits as low as £0.50 or bet for up to £10,000 per pound at one of the VIP tables.

5. Smooth HD streaming
The live Blackjack at 888 Casino plays and looks amazing. You enjoy a smooth HD streaming and many customizable options. The dealers are professional and include both male and female dealers. There’s also a chat option available, which allows you to communicate with the dealers, thus enjoying the game a lot more and feeling as if you’re playing at a real land-based casino from the comfort of your own home.

6. Standard Las Vegas format
Another advantage of the live Blackjack at 888 Casino is that the games are played by the standard Las Vegas format. So, you can actually count cards, even while playing online! RNG games tend to shuffle all decks after each round, but live games don’t. This means that you can actually track the cards that were already drawn, count cards, and bet accordingly. If you don’t have the time to play live blackjack games, 888 Casino also offers RNG games, which are a great alternative because rounds take longer to complete in RNG games as opposed to Live games.

7. Practice mode
Another plus of the RNG games is that they have a practice mode. This means that you can play without making bets for real money, practice strategy, the pace of the game, and when you’re ready, move on to real money play and use the great promos you are given during sign up.

Here are some of the RNG Blackjack games available at 888 Casino:
Multi-hand Blackjack – Bet on up to three independent hands at the same time
Single Deck Blackjack – Play with only one deck, making it very easy to count cards, which increases your chances to win by a lot!
American Blackjack – High stakes and a multi-hand feature as well
Classic Blackjack – The most basic version of Blackjack with low casino edge Pontoon – A spin-off with different rules
Double Xposure – Play with both of the dealer’s cards visible to you.
If you wish to play other live games and not just live Blackjack, 888 Casino offers you live roulette, live poker, live baccarat, and more, as mentioned earlier. Try the live immersive roulette, a game that offers amazing cinematic experience, fun gameplay, and low casino odds. The game features several camera angles that switch between them at the right moment, slow motion, and more, which makes the experience truly fun and live just like in a land-based casino.

If you wish to play some RNG games, here are just some of the games offered to you by 888 Casino:

Slots – 100 games, including exclusives and progressive jackpots
poker – 20 games, including Hold’em, video poker, and the Caribbean
StudKeno – 2 games, great for low betting and casual players
Baccarat – 2 games, including Punto Banco as well as the classic Baccarat game.
Final thoughts:
To summarize everything, the best live Blackjack game is at 888 Casino, which also offers a lot of great RNG games, exclusives, great promotions such as free cash, match bonuses, and no deposit bonus, and an experience of a real casino from the comfort of your own home. Give it a try, have a lot of fun, and maybe even win some money, or a lot of money if you happen to win the progressive slots.