Sports Betting Bonus Rules And Rollover Requirements
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Sports Betting Bonus Rules And Rollover Requirements

Betting sites bonus is a great and easy way to boost your bankroll. They come with some terms and conditions, including what is called a “rollover”. If you have seen a 3x, 5x, 10x or more of a rollover requirement when you’re receiving a sports betting bonus, but didn’t have a clue of what that means, no worries, I am here to teach you everything you need to know. Topics we’ll cover in this article:

What is a rollover requirement?
Sports book rollover strategy
Best methods to clear bonus rollovers
Other bonus rules you should be aware of.
What is a bonus rollover requirement?
A sports book rollover requirement refers to the amount of money you need to wager before you can withdraw your bonus and the funds you deposited. This may seem complicated, but actually, it’s quite easy. If we deposit 2,000 dollars into a sports book,such as, that is offering a 50% welcome bonus up to $1,000 with a 10x Rollover,this means we’ll have $3,000 to bet with, which includes $1,000 in Free play. If we take this amount and multiply it by the 10x rollover, we get $30,000. This means you won’t be able to withdraw your money until you have placed $30,000 in bets. Depending on how much you bet, this can be rather easy to clear.

If you’re a low stakes bettor, this may take a bit longer. These rollover amounts may seem like a lot of money that must be wagered, but you must keep in mind that sports books are handing bonuses to just about everyone who signs up and makes a deposit. They can’t afford to give out free money without a “catch.” The thing is, Free play bonuses, reload bonuses,or bonuses of any kind still offer value to players, even with the attached rollovers. Betting sites with the lowest bonus rollovers offer the highest value bonus. Still, there are also ways to maximize your profits and upside with deposit bonuses by adopting a sports book bonus rollover strategy. Maximize Your Bonus When you sign up at a sports book, it’s always best to maximize the first-deposit bonus if your bankroll allows it.

For example, say a sports book offers a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000. It would make sense to deposit $2,000, so you would be able to get the maximum amount of Free play, $1,000. If you can deposit the amount needed to receive the maximum bonus – you will then get the maximum value for the bonus.

Remember, you can only get the Welcome Bonus at a sports book the first time you deposit. So it is crucial to try and maximize this opportunity and get the most free play possible. Of course, if you can’t deposit the full amount to get the maximum bonus – that is okay, as well. The welcome bonus will always have some value regardless of the amount you deposit.

Best Methods to Clear Bonus Rollovers
1. Propositions are excellent bankroll builders because they’re far less efficient than sides and totals. Some sports books won’t let you clear bonuses when betting props, but that isn’t true for all betting sites.

2. Parlay bets are not typically something were commend bettors wager on, but in the case of Free play – it makes a ton of sense. Since free play only returns the won amount and not the staked amount, compared to a bet that is made with cash. It makes sense to try and wager the free play more than once. Parlay bets allow you to do this, but it is best to keep them at 2-3 teams or selections, as the odds maker’s edge gets far too high after three-team parlays to make it worth betting.

3. Live sports betting markets are far less efficient than pre-game wagers in many cases. Also, many sports books offer free plays specifically for live sports betting bonus. So, not only can you clear your deposit bonus on much less efficient markets, but you may be able to get a bonus for live betting, as well.

Other bonus rules worth noting:
We strongly recommend that you carefully read all terms and conditions before using the bonus. Particular rules for each rollover may vary. These are some of the most popular across the online sports books.

• Many sports books don’t allow bettors to withdraw from their accounts for 30 days after accepting a bonus.

• If you receive a sports betting bonus – you almost always have to clear it in the sports book. In rare cases, you may be allowed to clear it in the casino or race book. But the poker room will almost certainly be off-limits for bonus clearing.

• At most betting sites, you can only have one active bonus at a time. You may not receive another bonus or accept another bonus offer until you complete your previous bonus rollover, or your first bonus offer is closed.

• Bonuses usually must be cleared at odds of -200 or under to be counted towards the rollover requirement. This is so bettors can’t bet on massive favorites over and over again to complete their rollover requirements.

• Clearing bonuses may be restricted to certain markets or bet types in the sports book. Such as, you may not be able to clear your bonus using live betting markets or betting propositions. This is dependent on the rules at the sports book where you accepted the bonus. Understanding bonus rollovers is vital to betting sports online.

Final thoughts
Now that you understand this concept, you can work on the tougher stuff, like beating the bookies!