Top 5 Instagram Stories Tips to get More Followers FAST
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Top 5 Instagram Stories Tips to get More Followers FAST

There are over 300 million active users on Stories every single month with Instagram. It’s basically like its own platform, its own social media app within Instagram. And it is very powerful to help you grow your account. So if you follow these five tips, you will not only grow an engaged audience, you’re gonna reach new people and grow that audience faster than ever before. Follow these 5 These tips to get more followers on your Insgtagram.

Increasing followers on Instagram:
Instagram used to be very all about tips to get more followers, it was that number that you had to grow, it was so important, it was really the only thing that mattered. But over the last few years that has really changed. Yes followers are important but what’s more important is actual engagement on your content. Because not only does that mean that you have as strong audience and everybody connects with you, but it means you’re gonna keep growing faster and reaching new people when people are interacting on that content.

Engagement and getting more followers, they go hand in hand. The more engagement that you get, the more people you’re going to reach, so you can get more followers and the more followers you’re getting, hopefully the more engagement you get. So it’s kind of cyclical and they work together. So these are gonna cover both tips to get more followers and increasing your engagement.

Instagram stories:
Now if your goal is to grow an engaged large audience as fast as possible, you do need to be using Instagram Stories. When people are seeing your stories, when they’re engaging on your stories, it doesn’t just affect your stories but will actually cause them to start seeing your posts within their news feed as well. On top of reaching new people it’s gonna make the people that already follow you actually see your content and get more engaged. Now in general, while you can plan out your stories, keep your stories top of mind, as they say. With being simply like just quick-shoot a quick selfie, do a little video, just show your life. You don’t want your stories to be super Photo-shopped or over-professional. This is a more intimate look at yourself and your business then what you’re gonna see in your news feed.

Now we will discuss a few tips to get more followers by creating Instagram stories

5 Tips for creating Best Instagram stories:
1. Use stickers:
It doesn’t just mean like looking through Instagram Stories and picking out something cute and fun to add to your picture. No, really strategically using stickers.

Hashtags. Your story can actually rank on the explorer tab for hashtag. Make sure that you’re using hashtags so that you have the opportunity to reach more people. Now there’s all kinds of hashtags and there’s all kinds of sizes to hashtags. So you want to choose a hashtag that’s maybe 5,000 to 500,000 uses on Instagram. so that you actually have a shot at ranking. If you choose something that has several millions of uses, it’s gonna be harder for you to rank. So unless you have a really big account with a ton of engagement, go for it. But for everybody else, stick with something a little bit smaller so that you have an opportunity to rank on that explorer tab and reach a whole new audience. Now another sticker that you need to be adding to a all of your Instagram stories, is
Location: Now so location is important not just where you are, but think bigger than that. By adding a location to your story, you have the opportunity to reach people who are in that local area, who are near you. You can think bigger and think about where your target audience, where would be a really big grouping of them. So maybe it’s a big city, maybe it’s a different country. Maybe there’s a big convention going on in your industry. Be smart about it and put it at that location, wherever that big convention is being held. Because then you can have the opportunity to reach your very specific targeted audience simply by adding a location sticker.
Adding a sticker to mention someone else, another account. It’s like using your hair products or whatever you’re doing your makeup, your car, brands that you are using in your video or in your story, you should take them. Take those brand accounts. You have the opportunity to get mentioned or re-shared by them which is a great way to reach new audience.
2. Add “Call To Actions” or CTAs to your stories.
You want to use those stories to get them to engage. The more people that engage on a story, the more people Instagram is going to show that Instagram to. So, tell them to engage,tell them what to do. And Stories are a great way to get more views on your feed post. So that could be some thing as simple as giving a little teaser of the post you just made on your regular Instagram feed.

So you can maybe cover up an important part of it with a sticker or say you have a recipe you just posted, you posted a picture of some sort of food and the recipe’s in the caption. You’re not gonna show them the full caption in a story, they’re gonna have to tell them to go to your post for that recipe. Make it enticing and for them to want to go there to see it. Now if you have over 10,000 followers on your Instagram account you can very easily send them to a website. This could be to a landing page, to a sales page, a funnel, a video, a blog post, whatever you want to send people to. You can also use a swipe up feature to send them to IGTV if you’re uploading videos there as well.

Now if you don’t yet have 10,000 followers, don’t fret. You can still drive traffic using your stories to get more engagement. You simply tell them to click a link in your bio. Access the tip sheet, the free giveaway, the coupon, whatever, simply by clicking on the link in your profile bio. So yes, they do have a few more steps to take, it’s a good incentive to get to 10,000 followers but it’s still very doable and you can definitely drive traffic when you have an engaged audience.

3. Tip number three is to use polls and questions on your stories:

These are important tool that you can use not only to boost engagement, which means you’re gonna be getting out in front of more and more people, getting more followers. But you can also really get to know your audience better and what kind of content they’re looking for. You could ask some questions on the types of products that they want to purchase. What sort of content they want you to create. Get a really good pulse on what they’re looking for, so you can become a better creator, you can become a better Instagram user and really build up and trust with your audience. So you can make any sales or do whatever you’re looking to do with your account.

Now on top of just getting a general feel for people when they’re answering a poll, when you ask questions, when people respond to you, they’re actually messaging you which is a great feature of Stories. When someone sees a story they can reply to the author and it’s a private, direct message. So you can start a bunch of conversations that can often lead to sales if you’re trying to sale something with Instagram. And the more back-and-forth engagement that you are getting with Messenger, the more engagement,the more organic reach, everything else that your account, your regular feed stuff is gonna have as well.

4. Pay attention to your analytics or what you find under the insights for your Stories.

You need to learn what is working best for you. So experiment with different things in your stories, what types of posts, questions, polls, anything in your Stories. But then go back to the insights and find out what had the most success, what had the biggest reach. What brought you new followers What had people clicking and sending to the link. What had people replying or sharing. When you find something that’s working really well, and you do more of that type of content. That’s how you really grow fast. You experiment, find something that works and then just run with it.

5. Using Instagram LIVE.

Instagram LIVE, it’s basically within the Stories platform and it is very powerful because you actually are pushing out to all of your followers. They get the little thing that pops up on the top of their Instagram, telling them that you’re going live. So you can get a ton of engagement. You’re building up trust factor with live video. Live video is the fastest way to trust with your audience. You’re gonna get them coming back and back to your content. You’re gonna be able to send them offers and they’re gonna actually be willing to make purchases when you have trust factor.

Now on the Lives, you definitely wanna interact with folks.Say people names, ask them questions, do some back and forth. If they’re willing,you can even invite them to join on the LIVE. This can include someone from your followers or fan base, that’s a very powerful way to lock them. It’s great if you can schedule these at your time zone,or do a live Q&A session. Maybe you do some training or some whatever that speaks to your target audience at the same time. You can always notify people through a regular story, through a Facebook feed post, letting them know what’s gonna happen. And then you can really build an audience. So, these were the tips to grow followers on your Instagram.